Cuvée Rosé de saignée

Grand Cru

Cuvée Rosé de saignée - Grand Cru

The fine white mousse is set off against the deep pink colour of the wine with a few glints of orange.


The nose is intense, with first aromas of small black fruits, such as blackberry, and then small red fruits (raspberry and redcurrant). Spicy, jammy notes develop once aerated.


The palate is rich and gourmand with a nice acidity. Blackberry reappears in the delicately sweet and slightly acidic finish.


This Rosé deSaignée can be served throughout the meal: as an aperitif, with a venison and cranberry main course, a creamy soft cheese (Chaource from the Champagne region or Brie) and then finishing with a slightly tart red fruit dessert.

Fiche Technique
  • 2020 : Gold

This joyful, unusual rosé de saignée is excellent as an aperitif or with a nice meal.