In Aÿ fizz
is a spark of happiness

Alfred De Vigny


AY, 100% Grand Cru

Varmery Haut, Le Chêne, Lary, La Bisette, La Chambre aux Loups, Frère Martin, La Motelle, Vaux, Brise Pot, Les Pierres Robert Haut, La Tartelette, Champ Bouvart, La Clef, Faussart, Les Champs Saint Bernard, Trayette, Grimbard, Les Pierres Robert Bas, La Croix Courcelles.

These are all exceptional vineyards thanks to centuries of patient observation, their soil, climate and ecosystem. Each of these three elements is distinctive but – together – they offer the rare but perfect conditions to grow the iconic Pinot Noir grape which makes our wines so special.

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